Learn how to play Poker, Chess and Jass (CHF 85.00 per course)

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Time: 13.30-18.30 h

Place: Kafimüli, Weidhogerweg 11, Stallikon


You will get to know the poker game Texas Hold'em.


After this course, you will be familiar with the most important poker terms and you can already go to one or the other live poker table in the casinos and play at home with your friends and family.


You will be given an short overview of the games you can play in Switzerland and near countries and you will have basic poker knowledge. Depending on the participants' comprehension, strategic contents of the P2 poker course can be included in the course content.


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Time: 13.30-18.30 h

Place: Kafimüli, Weidhogerweg 11, Stallikon


This is a chess course for beginners.


You will get an introduction on how to move pieces, what an opening is and how to "mate" someone.


Discover in small groups how chess works and how much fun the game is when you have a little more than basic knowledge.


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Time: 13.30-18.30 h

Place: Kafimüli, Weidhogerweg 11, Stallikon


In this beginners' course you will learn everything you need for a comfortable round of jassing with friends and family.



  • Explanation of the cards and the "trump"
  • Basic rules
  • The first game of four.


To the website of Fischer Spielevents

Claudia Chinello

Please write us a message, if you want to register more than just one person and if you want to register for more than one course. Thank you!

Pokercourse: Sun, 1st of March 2020


Chesscourse: Sun, 8th of March 2020

Jasscourse: Sun, 15th of March 2020